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Jericho: Looking east to Jordan
Jericho: Looking east to Jordan

Jericho, a city of both ancient and modern importance, is found within a short distance of the Dead Sea. With its long history, Jericho is mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testament. Led by Joshua, the ancient Israelites once crumbled the city walls with the blasts of their rams' horns (Joshua 6:16) as they first entered the Land of Israel after forty years in the desert. Joshua then cursed this city from ever being rebuilt (Joshua 6:26). Later, the Prophet Elisha was known to purify the waters' of Jericho's natural spring with salt (2 Kings 2:21).

Jesus passed through Jericho numerous times on His way from the Galilee to Jerusalem; for this reason Jericho is considered to be the location at which He healed Bartimaeus the blind beggar and eaten with the tax collector, Zacchaeus. During Jesus' time, Jericho was a residential city for priests and Levites working in the Temple; near Jericho, is the famous parable about the Good Samaritan discusses the deeds of these same "holy" Temple workers who ignored a man being robbed to the actions of an out-of-town visitor who chose to help (Luke 10:30 - 33). Jericho is also known for being a gift given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony and later sold to Herod by Cleopatra for an exorbitant fee.

The area surrounding the Dead Sea is filled with natural wonders, ancient history and sites connected to the life and times of Jesus. The Dead Sea, along with Masada, Qumran, and many other sites are spots not to be missed by Christian groups touring in Holy Land.

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Tour Packages
  • Go Beyond Tour - 11 Days The Go Beyond tour, is lead by Hanna Ben Haim, one of the best guides in Israel. The tour, is intended for those who have been to Israel before and are now looking to experience the Land of the Bible in a fresh way.
  • Prayer Tour - 9 Days Jerusalem is the only city in the whole bible that we are specifically reminded to pray for (Psalms 122:6), there is no better place to pray for Jerusalem, than in Jerusalem (“I have set watchmen on your walls Oh Jerusalem” - Isaiah 62:6). When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we are actually praying for the Prince of Peace to captivate our hearts and return to reign from Mt. Zion. True eternal peace can only be offered by the Great Prince of Peace, (Isaiah 9:6).
  • Study Tour - 10 Days No longer will you just read about Jesus teaching on the Sea of Galilee, you will visualize it. The land of the bible literally become your classroom, learn of ways to receive college credits with various study tours offered at Jerusalem Eternal tours. Our goal is that you don't just see dusty stones, (although it is cool) but leave Israel completely changed with a renewed understanding of the scripture we both know and love.
  • Jerusalem Marathon Tour - 9 Days Begin the preperation to run in the Holy Land! JET, presents the 2015 Jerusalem Marathon & Tour Package
  • For The Love of Israel Tour - 9 Days Experience Israel at its finest - Partake in the best Christian Tour of the Holy Land. In this tour, you will connect with the Local Body of Christ, see where Jesus walked 2,000 years ago and walk where He is today !
  • Youth Tour - 10 Days The Youth tours offered by JET is equivalent to a full year studying in a Bible College and the priceless memories made from this tour will be carried throughout their entire life.
  • Highlights of The Holy Land - 6 Days This very low priced tour is especially designed so everyone can come, even those with little time, or, money to spare. Join us in Israel at the most green and gorgeous time of the year, just after most of the winter rains when some of the first flowers of the spring are blossoming.
  • Israel Tour with Ron & Elana Cantor - 11 Days Join us for a spectacular tour of Israel with Ron & Elana Cantor
  • Ressurection Tour - 10 Days Come visit us in Israel and celebrate with us the ressurection power of Jesus
  • Israel Tour with Robert & Marcelyn Brecka - 13 Days We invite you to visit, meet and fellowship with the people of the land.
  • ISRAEL BLOOD MOONS TOUR - 2015 Join us in Israel during the festive season of Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles.
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