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There are two different sites in Israel that are known for being connected with Jesus' baptism. The first is located at Yardenit in Northern Israel. This is the spot at which the Jordan River waters separate from the Sea of Galilee (Kinnereth) and begin their move toward the entrance of the Dead Sea’s salt-filled water. Yardenit is a green, plant-filled area found on the south-western end of the Sea of Galilee. It is the major site of Christian baptism in Israel according to the Israeli authorities. Over half a million tourists visit Yardenit each year to perform individual and group baptism ceremonies. The site is outfitted with accommodations to properly support these visitors in creating their ideal baptism. Dressing rooms, a stairway leading directly into the water and a large guest parking lot can all be found alongside this spot of the Jordan River. A restaurant and gift shop can also be found conveniently nearby.

The second site that is traditionally associated with Jesus' baptism, is located on the Southern section of the Jordan River at Qasr al-Yahud in the West Bank. The site is also believed to be the spot at which the ancient Israelites crossed the river as they first moved into the Land of Canaan. Qasr al-Yahud hosts the Orthodox Church's annual celebration for the Epiphany Festival. Until recently, visitors were unable to stop at Qasr al-Yahud for political reasons; but, in 2011, the site officially opened allowing free access to the excavated remains of 5th century churches dating back to Jesus' ministry, beautiful Roman mosaics and marble steps leading into the site's flowing waters. The baptismal pool is very unique, as it is shaped like a cruciform and filled naturally by the Jordan Rivers' flow. Since its recent renovations, Qasr al-Yahud is open daily to Christian pilgrims, allowing them to perform personal and group baptism ceremonies.

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