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Jerusalem, a city holy to the world's three monotheistic religions, has the highest density of Christian holy sites in all of the Holy Land. Jerusalem is filled with places visited by Jesus, churches celebrating His life, death and resurrection.


The city of Tiberias was first established on the western shores of the Sea of Galilee during Roman rule, named after Emperor Tiberius. It is considered to be one of the four holiest Jewish cities in Israel. This is because after the Jews lost Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed, Tiberias became the center of Jewish life.


Beer Sheba, the "capital" of Southern Israel, is mentioned many times in the Old Testament because Abraham is believed to have settled in this region after leaving his birthplace.


Much of the New Testament takes place in and around the Sea of Galilee, the region of Israel in which Jesus practiced His ministry.


Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus, is an unforgettable stop on Holy Land tours. Located in the Lower Galilee, this modern city houses a large portion of Israel's Christian Arab residents, and is also home to various important sites from the life of Jesus connected to every division of Christianity.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the cultural and business capital of modern Israel, the modern recreation of Israel since 1948 is one of the most significant prophetic events of history, since the First Coming of Jesus almost 2000 years ago.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is infamous around the world for its incredible salt-concentrated waters, as well as for its incredible stories that date back to the Old Testament. Christian tours of the Holy Land travel to see the area where Sodom and Gomorrah were once situated and the salt-filled waters that formed as Abraham's family fled during God's destruction of the sin-filled cities.

Holy Mountains

The events of the Bible took place all over the Holyland – but in particular on many of the infamous mountains ranging from Jerusalem up through to the Galilee in the North.


In Hebrew, the word desert is pronounced "midbar" and it stems from the same root word as "word" and "speak". The Desert (Hebrew: מדבר) is where God speaks (Hebrew: מדבר) to those who seek Him, it is where God gives guidance and provides His word.


There are two different sites in Israel that are known for being connected with Jesus' baptism.


With its long history, Jericho is mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testament. Led by Joshua, the ancient Israelites once crumbled the city walls with the blasts of their rams' horns (Joshua 6:16) as they first entered the Land of Israel after forty years in the desert.

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