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Tour Packages
  • Go Beyond Tour - 10 Days/10 Nights The Go Beyond tour, is lead by Hanna Ben Haim, one of the best guides in Israel. This is a custom designed tour for those who have come already and hunger for more as well as those who have never been.
  • For The Love of Israel Tour - 9 Days Experience Israel at its finest - Partake in the best Christian Tour of the Holy Land. In this tour, you will connect with the Local Body of Christ, see where Jesus walked 2,000 years ago and walk where He is today !
  • Youth Tour - 10 Days The Youth tours offered by JET is equivalent to a full year studying in a Bible College and the priceless memories made from this tour will be carried throughout their entire life.
  • Highlights of The Holy Land - 6 Days This very low priced tour is especially designed so everyone can come, even those with little time, or, money to spare. Join us in Israel at the most green and gorgeous time of the year, just after most of the winter rains when some of the first flowers of the spring are blossoming.
  • Ressurection Tour - 10 Days Come visit us in Israel and celebrate with us the ressurection power of Jesus!
  • Israel Tour with Dr. Peter & Joy Wyns - 10 Days See the best of Israel and obtain a deeper revelation of Christianity's Hebraic roots.
  • 2019 Go Beyond Tour with David & LaRae Pepper - 11 Days Come to The Land of prophecy and recieve His vision!
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“After Israel – You'll  never  be the same.”

Jerusalem Eternal tours will ensure that you will never read your Bible in the same way again. No longer will you just read about Jesus teaching on the Sea of Galilee, you will visualize it. It will help put everything in perspective and your entire understanding will be enriched through visiting Israel with the study tours offered by Jerusalem Eternal tours. Read More.

  • This trip was the second time I have visited Israel and this was by far the best!! Our itinerary was very well planned with us being able to visit not only the key sites in the land, but also getting to know the people. Brenda - Choctaw, MS
  • A big thank you for making my life time desire come true with this trip. It was truly a trip full of new memories and a new awakening to the scriptures. Clarice - NY, USA
  • Many thanks to the Jerusalem Eternal Tours team for operating with such excellence so we could have a fantastic, one-of-a-kind adventure! I highly recommend JET to anyone who wants to explore and learn about Israel at a vivid, beyond-the-norm, multifaceted level. Dana - USA
  • I appreciate the enthusiasm and integrity of the organization, however I also appreciate private time. Want to compliment Yaftach, our guide, professional, informed, pleasant, attentive. A very "fine" gentleman with humor. One of the best experiences. Jane - USA
  • Thank you for putting together an amazing tour for us, and may the Lord continue to protect and bless you abundantly. Pastor Bobby - Bear Creek Church - CA, USA
  • The guide was really fantastic, we all had so much fun with him. Thanks for the great time and I hope to come again so I can work on my Hebrew. Doug Sturm - USA
  • Thank you for the amazing tour. We learned so much and were blessed by every aspect of the trip. The fellowship was glorious and the connections precious. Hanna, is a wonderful guide; she’s full of energy and information; she loves the Lord and it was obvious that she loved us. And the bus driver, Alam, was so good; he was not simply “excellent” but “magnificent". Jan Skauge - USA
  • Going to Israel has been on my "bucket list" for a long time and I am thrilled to say this trip far exceeded my expectations! Our itinerary was outstanding, and I especially appreciated the care with which our guide navigated places that could have compromised our safety. I want to go back and do it again! Janet - USA
  • We wanted to say thank you for an unbelievable Israel trip of a lifetime! It was everything and more! Each day was packed with amazing activities and historical sites and it is hard for us to decide which day was our favorite. We also wanted to thank you for a most delcious dinner on our last night in Tel Aviv. Heather - Florida, USA
  • This was my third trip to Israel, but it has been my best! The opportunities we had to see sites that were not part of the "usual" Holy Land tour are what made the trip extra special. From the Bedouin meal we shared under the tent, to the Jewish community at Beit El, to the recreated first century Nazareth Village, to the ancient City of David — these were all incredible sights to see and experience! Many thanks to JET's exceptional team ! Marion - USA


Prayer Tour, 8 Nights
Study Tour, 9 Nights
Youth Tour, 10 Days


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